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David is a 8x Decorated U.S. Navy Iraqi Freedom War Vet, Novelist, 2014 GOP congressional candidate & 2016 Independent congressional candidate IL 9th. In the spirit of the liberty, he aims to serve the American people and their interest, not political party bosses or multinational globalist corporations, equal protection under the law - not favoritism, lower taxes, term limits, enforcing our immigration laws to further guard our borders and fighting to maintain the constitutional values that made this country great!

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Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

I'm still here and once again, I thank each and everyone of you for your votes.

As some of you may know, I recently joined the Libertarian party to help build them up.

With this last election cycle, Americans who are tired of the two party system want more choices.

I will make sure that they have those choices in the future elections to come.

Myself personally, I'm looking forward to running for a state office in 2018.

It's time to #LiberateSpringfield

Thank you all again for your continued support and God bless you.
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This being my 2nd time running for Congress, it gets easier and it's never a thankless task when it comes to fighting for Personal Liberty and Economic Freedom.

Our journey together continues onward beyond this election cycle into the future, as maintaining our Constitution is a 24/7 obligation.

From my campaign to the 949 constituents (0.29%) in Illinois 9th district who voted for me again - thank you!

What's next?

Run again for Congress to CAN Jan?

Or, maybe - it's time to #liberateSpringfield?

We'll see 😁

For a Better 9th, & For the People! 🇺🇸😎
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For those of you who have not voted yet, and plan on doing so on November 8th.

If you want to an alternative to the two-party system, please consider voting for my friends Kent McMillen for US Senate & Claire Ball for Illinois Comptroller

Their web links are below.

Also, for those of you who already wrote my name in for Illinois ninth congressional district - thank you.

If you haven't voted yet- please write in, "David Williams" for Illinois ninth congressional district on November 8th.

Thank you.
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